Oral Health Solutions

Oral Health Solutions (OHS), a California corporation founded in 2008, began as a joint venture of the the non-profit Center for Oral Health (COH) and Bruce Boyer (serving then as Chief Business and Technical Officer for COH, now CEO and President of OHS).


The mission of Oral Health Solutions (OHS) is to provide innovative, well priced products and services to organizations in the public oral health field. OHS provides its customers with technical expertise and a solid IT infrastructure that they may not be able to provide on their own.


OHS is dedicated to improving public health. OHS measures its success not by shareholder equity, but by the degree to which OHS represents a solid commercial venture that can support and improve its products and services. Profits are continually reinvested to insure OHS stability, improvement and continued ability to serve its customers.

Contact OHS

Phone: 510-629-4929 x802
Fax: 510-629-4928
Email: info@oralhs.com

Office location:

101 Broadway, Suite 248
Oakland, CA 94607

Oral Health Solutions Staff

  • Bruce Boyer

    Bruce Boyer

    President / CEO
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  • Brent Hughes

    Brent Hughes

    Technical Support
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  • Jason McGuire

    Jason McGuire

    Finance Manager
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