Oral Health Solutions

Dental Data Manager (DDM)

The DDM is an internet-based tool for recording data on dental services delivered to children in community based settings (schools, preschools, WIC centers, etc.). The DDM will provide public oral health programs with many of the features and functions commonly found in dental practice management systems, in a more efficient format better suited to their needs.

The DDM is currently in development and is available on a limited basis.  If interested, please contact OHS for more information.

Paperless Data Entry Tool

The OHS Paperless Data Entry Tool allows you to use electronic versions of your program’s data collection forms on an Apple iPad tablet computer. Data entered in your electronic form(s) are retained locally on the iPad until an internet connection (wi-fi or data service) is available, then uploaded to a secure cloud database. From there, data reports can be generated in several formats, including PDF, XML, and Excel. The data can also be transferred to your Dental Data Manager database.

The Paperless Data Entry Tool is available on a limited basis. Please contact OHS for pricing and a demonstration.